7. Ready repair kit

AutoSpeed Jeep Compass Headlight Repair Kit
AutoSpeed Jeep Compass Headlight
Jeep Compass Headlight Tab
AutoSpeed 3D Scanning of Car Headlight for 3D Printing
AutoSpeed Digital 3D Scan of Car headlight
AutoSpeed 3D Printing and 3D Scanning
Black headlight tab printed on a 3D printer

2. Inspection of the scan and preparation for printing

4. Inspection of the print

3. Printing

6. Location of the damage

5. Fitting the print

1. Scanning an undamaged headlight

Step 7 shows the recently designed tab for the Jeep Compass 2020 headlight. We tested various mounting methods to increase the tab's stability and resistance to breakage. This is the longest and most important stage of the design process. Our kits use factory mounting points to ensure the easiest and safest installation possible. Once we have a design that meets our requirements, we move on to the production process. We want our kits to be durable, so we print them with high-quality filament.


We invite you to the Shop section, where you can find repair kits for other models of passenger cars. To place an order please contact us on Facebook or try to find a listing on the ebay. Currently we do not support online shopping on our website

The typical process usually ends with the processing and welding of the printed element (step 4) to the damaged headlight. However, in this case, the work is still ongoing, and the goal is to design a repair kit that can be installed independently using a few screws. This will allow our customers to make even smoother and cheaper repairs without having to send the headlight directly to us.

3D Printing and Replacement Parts Design

As one of the most advanced companies in the industry, we offer 3D printing and 3D scanning services. With these tools, we can scan and print a complete headlight tab using the appropriate type of plastic in just a few hours, and then weld it to the damaged area. Car headlights that other workshops consider irreparable are given a second life by us, and after a delicate visual processing, they look as if they have never been damaged.


The reconstruction process is divided into several stages. Below, we will present one of our recent repairs.

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