spawanie plastików


spawanie plastików

Plastic Welding

The most commonly repaired components include

  • bumpers, grilles, radiators, wheel arches

  • side door panels, engine fairings, engine covers

  • headlights, fuel tanks, fans

  • air filter housings, fuel filler flaps

  • side moldings, door sills

  • manifolds, engine shields, fenders, hoods

  • roof boxes

  • parts for commercial vehicles

  • windows and vents in camping trailers


We also repair parts for:

  • excavators, water bikes, kayaks, and recreational boats

  • strollers, suitcases, and travel bags

  • washing machines (drums, reservoirs, doors), dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners

  • reservoirs of cleaning equipment

  • and many others


Welding these components professionally saves customers money and shortens the waiting time for the specific part.

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